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  • Introduction to Online Casino Games

    When players chose to gamble online, they will be impressed with the array of casino games that are presented. While the actual titles will vary per casino the types of games will all be the same. It is not uncommon for an online casino to have hundreds of available games that can be played for free or for real money. With this massive selection, players will find slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker and much more. There are also specialty games as well as games that present the chance to win a progressive jackpot.

    Table of Contents

    Slots Games

    The slot games found at online casino sites are the most popular and are played by many players. These games are the easiest games in the casino and they require no skill. When playing online, players will find that online casinos offer traditional three reel games as well as the latest video slot games. All slots are available for real money play and players can have control over bet amounts by selecting from various coin denominations before placing bets. Online slots are the most popular games played online and since they are simple games, they can be enjoyed by new or experienced players looking for great entertainment and some handsome payouts. Online slots make up the largest portion of games that are offered in any online casino.

    Blackjack Games

    When it comes to the action of table and card games, many players will turn their attention to the blackjack tables. Blackjack offers players some of the best odds in the casino, which is why most players will choose this game over others. When playing online, players will see that the classic game of blackjack is always offered, but there are also other variations of the game that can be enjoyed. The number of variations will be based on the software being used ,but some online casinos will have more than 10 different blackjack games. These games all use the basic rules and players can use basic strategies, but they each have a bit of a twist that offers more excitement to the player. Some blackjack games also have side bets as well as progressive jackpots that can be won.

    Video Poker Games

    Any player that has ever bet on a casino game will be aware that video poker offers the best player odds of all casino games. Online casinos have a great selection of these games with some sits offering more than 15 game variations. Most of the games are all based on Jacks or Better rules and strategies, so after a few hands, players can easily start to employ strategies to win more. Video poker games found in online casinos can also offer the chance to win a progressive jackpot. There are games that can be played for free and games that support large bet amounts. The maximum bet on any video poker game found online will be five coins per hand. The leading software providers have even developed multi-hand video poker games, allowing as many as 100 hands to be played at one time. This drastically increases the chances of winning, but will also increase the required bet amount, so players should play these games with caution and pay attention to the cost as well as their casino budgets.

    Roulette Games

    Roulette is a casino classic that is found in all land based casinos as well as at online casino sites. There are a few different roulette games that players may encounter when gambling online. The most popular version of the game is European Roulette, which is readily available at most casino sites. There is also an American and French version. Some online casinos will offer all three of these so that players always have a great selection. In addition to the standard games of roulette, online casinos are also offering live roulette. Most live roulette games are the European version and will offer real time play, the ability to interact with others and the most realistic experience available online. These roulette games are preferred by experienced players. With live roulette, players can choose tables based on betting limits and they will find that most live dealer casinos will offer multiple games to suit each player’s needs.